Aliso Canyon Environmental Disaster
Bringing Clean Air—and Relief—to Thousands

Southern California Gas Company turned to AeraMax Professional to deliver VOC relief to thousands of residents. And we did.

With EnviroSmart™ auto-detection and carbon filtration to reduce VOCs, AeraMax Pro provided officials with a turnkey solution to cleaning the air.

Photo Credit: R. Rex Parris Law Firm

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The Challenge

On October 23, 2015, Southern California Gas Company (SoCal Gas) officials discovered a massive natural gas leak from a well at the Aliso Canyon underground storage facility in Los Angeles.

Preliminary measurements by the California Environmental Protection Agency suggest the breach released 94,500 tons of methane into the atmosphere. That’s nearly 190 million pounds, or, the equivalent greenhouse gas production of burning almost 80 billion gallons of gas. That is equal to the emissions of US auto drivers for 231 days!

While natural gas is non-toxic and odorless by itself, an odorant called mercaptan is added to it—the "rotten egg" smell—so leaks are more easily detectable.

Mercaptan, benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air left many Porter Ranch residents suffering from headaches, nausea, nosebleeds, respiratory problems, and eye, ear and throat infections.

Based on these risks, California’s governmor declared a State of Emergency and the California Board of Health required SoCal Gas to relocate more than 11,000 residents and two entire schools.

But not everyone could relocate so easily. Would Porter Ranch businesses and residents find a way to clean their indoor air?

The Solution

AeraMax Professional air purifiers are well-equipped to address air issues as challenging as this. Because AeraMax Professional's activated carbon blend is effective at removing mercaptans and other VOCs, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), part of the California Environmental Protection Agency, deemed AeraMax Professional Ill and IV units an effective way for Porter Ranch residents to address indoor air concerns.

In fact, when equipped with 2" carbon filters, the AeraMax Professional AM IV units contain 8.8 lbs. of activated carbon and deliver up to 440 CFM, making them capable of cleaning air in spaces up to 1,400 square feet.

Better still, EnviroSmart™ technology in every AeraMax Professional unit detects pollutants and VOCs, and automatically adjusts machine performance.

AeraMax Professional is the Aliso Canyon gas leak's major supplier of VOC relief. SoCal Gas purchased more than 5,000 units for local residents and schools. Our global reach enabled us to respond quickly to an unprecedented order and we're happy to help residents and students breathe a bit easier.